Your Job Is Out There. Let Us Help You Find It.

 YMCA Employment Services for Job Seekers connects people looking for work with employers looking for workers. There is a YMCA employment program or service designed to support your individual need(s). In each respective category below, you’ll find one or more of the support services you’re looking for. Click on any category below for more information.

Employment Services

  • I like to speak to a counselor in person or on the phone.
  • I like to drop-in on a whim for help.
  • I like to do my research outside of the home, with limited interference.
  • There is too much to take in at times. I need personal help!


  • Looking for a Second Career?
  • Need Labour Market Information?


  • Want to work in the trades?
  • Looking for the latest apprenticeship information from MTCU?
  • Are you aware of the subsidies and incentives potentially available to you?
  • Want information on our pre-apprenticeship programs and services?

Self Employment

  • Is it for me?